Saturday, November 7, 2009

Technology General Championship

Inter hall Ad design result
Gold- RK Hall
Silver - Patel Hall
Bronze - Nehru Hall

Saturday, October 31, 2009


For the months of November, December & January
Students interested in working as Volunteers in the Central Library in the months of November, December & January are required to send their applications to:

Time Slots
1) Weekdays : 10 pm – 12 midnight
2) Weekends : 10 am – 5 pm
3) Weekends : 5 pm – 12 midnight

The application should include the following details:
- Name
- Roll no.
- Phone no.
- Email id
- Choice of Time Slots
- Dates of availability
- Motivation for Volunteering

Selected students will be notified via email.

Social And Cultural General Championship

Inter Hall Bengali Elocution Results

Gold:- Patel
Silver:- Azad and RLB

Inter Hall Cartooning Results

Gold:- LLR
Silver:- Patel
Bronze:- RP

Inter Hall Sketching Results

Gold:- Patel
Silver:- MS
Bronze:- Azad

Inter Hall Hindi Elocution Results

Gold:- SN
Silver:- RK
Bronze:- Patel

Inter Hall Western Vocals Results

Gold:- Patel
Silver:- Azad
Bronze:- LLR

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hindi Saptaah

Raj Bhasha Vibhag, IIT Kharagpur in celebration of Hindi Saptaah (7-14 September) is organizing some events and competition for the IIT Students.

Main Events are Kavi Sammelan and Guest Lecture By Prof. H.C Verma, Dept of Physics, IIT Kanpur popularly known for his book "Concept of Physics". There will also be a Debate and Extempore for IIT students.

For anyone with doubts, the poets in Kavi Sammelan are none other than the ones in our town with their knack for poetry who either in their blog or diaries have filled up their masterpieces and will be on the stage probably the first time ever to speak up infront of a huge audience. Poems need not necessarily be comic.

Topic of debate: Will the change in the secondary education system be helpful in quality enhancement of higher education.

Schedule :

Kavi Sammelan : Gargi Auditorium, 7th September, at 5:30 pm
Debate : Seminar room, Dept of Mathematics, 8th September, 5:30pm
Extempore : Seminar room, Dept of Mathematics, 9th September, 5:30pm

Welcome and Bouquet Presentation of Chief Guest Prof. H C Verma : 11th September, 11am in Gargi Auditorium.

Institute lecture by Chief Guest on "The Story Of Formation Of Nuclei" : F-134, 11 September, 4:30pm

Closing Ceremony: 14th September, 3:30pm
Welcome Address by Prof. P D Srivastava, Chairman, Rajbhasha Vibhag followed by Address by Chief Guest and Prize Distribution, Dr. D. Guansekaran
Registrar, IIT Kharagpur

Contact :
Raj Bhasha Vibhaag: 03222281718
Gagandeep singh-9734437785, Dheerendra Mishra- 9734437783

Note: Please register before 5pm, 06.09.09 by mailing your name, roll no. and hall to Subject should be name of the event. Otherwise, be at the venue half an hour before the event for on the spot registration

(Snacks will be provided in all events)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Dog, New Tricks

Some things never seem to change. The medical facilities on our hallowed campus proves this adage right. This morning, Balram Meena, a student of Nehru sustained a severe head injury while playing hockey. Because of his heavy bleeding, students immediately called an ambulance from the B.C.Roy Hospital. It is worth noting here, that the hospital has recently came into the possession of four new "ultra-modern" ambulances, which can be seen nowadays, zooming along the campus.

After a delay in the arrival of the ambulance, students went to B.C. Roy themselves. Upon further investigation, two ambulances were seen outside B.C.Roy, minus their drivers. Two others had been called elsewhere in the line of duty.

15 agonising minutes later, no ambulance. Meena's friends got worried and decided to take matters into their own hands. They took him onto a rickshaw, and were on their way when the much-vaunted ambulance finally arrived. Balram finally needed six stitches to his head, and is currently waiting to get an MRI done at Spandan.

This incident may have ended without serious consequences, but it serves as yet another example of how little separates us from catastrophe here at Kharagpur. Perhaps it would be best if everyone simply worked on the assumption that they will NOT be privy to even mediocre healthcare, and act accordingly.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresher commits suicide in MMM

A first year student of architecture at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room.
Police said they broke into the room at the Madan Mohan Malaviyya hostel in the campus and recovered the body of Manoj Kumar (18) after the hostel cleaning staff complained of a stench emanating from it.

IIT sources said Kumar, hailing from Rajasthan's Shivpuri, had preferred to stay back in the hostel even as most of the other residents have gone home for the summer vacations.

Police said prima facie it appeared to be a case of suicide and investigations were on.

Last year a fifth year student of M.Sc (Physics) had also allegedly committed suicide in the campus, the sources added.

courtesy: ExpressIndia

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prof. Damodar Acharya rejoins as Director

After two months of confusion and uncertainty Prof. Damodar Acharya rejoined the institute after BoG IIT Kharagpur authorized him for the same on 18th may. He was also cleared from all the charges alleged against him regarding repeated negligence of the pathetic condition of medical facilities in the campus. He had resigned after students' protests after death of Rohit Kumar, a third year electrical engineering student due to so called medical negligence. His resignation was not accepted though and he was given an indefinite leave.

It is notable that institute's explanation to the Centre alleges section of faculties and outside elements for stoking students' sentiments after march 22 incident. An inquiry committee comprising Justice(retd) Malay Basu, retired judge of Kolkata high court and Subir choudhary, former IIMC director and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur has been formed to investigate the whole incident. Amidst of all this another committee comprising of Doctors Bibhulkalyani Das and Sitesh Dasgupta cleared all charges of negligence against the B.C.Roy Technology hospital and IIT administration. Their conclusion was that Rohit had died of head injuries he incurred after falling from rickshaw. The committee however stressed on the need for advanced medical facilities, better ambulance services and a 24*7 pharmacy in the campus. The committee also suggested stress management programs and frequent health camps for the welfare of students.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

TSG Elections Results (2009-10)

---------------------------------------------------------------- [For voting details (click here)]
Mr. Shubham Matah (Az)



    Mr. Rohit kumar
    Mr. Saurabh Chandra
    Mr. Amit Suveer
    Mr. Ashok Kumar G.
    Mr. Ravi Gautam
    Mr. Alok Joaddar
    Mr. Sanjay Kumar Kisku
    Mr. Irfan Khan
    Mr. Gaurav Jain
    Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Dheer
    Ms. Kirti Pandey
    Mr. G. Pavan
    Mr. Saurabh Meena
    Mr. Naveen Kumar
    Mr. Vaibhav Singhal
    Mr. Shalin Bhatt
    Mr. Anil Pulakanti
    Ms. Rashmi waghmare

Friday, April 3, 2009

Violation of code of conduct of gymkhana election: Candidature cancelled

Technology student gymkhana
April 2, 2009

This is to bring to the notice of all concerned that the following candidates are debarred from contesting the gymkhana election 2009-2010 on violation of code of conduct of gymkhana election
Name post ballot
Abhimanyu dikshit g.sec(soc.&cult) 2
Akshay Sharma g.sec(technology) 4

Election officer

Candidates for the post of G. sec Technology, TSG

First Candidate
Name: Akshay Sharma
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hall: Rk Hall of residence
[Credentials and proposals]
Second Candidate
Name: Deepak Singh
Department: Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Hall: LLR Hall of Residence
[Credentials and proposals]
Third Candidate
Name: Pranav Patwardhan
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering
Hall: RP Hall of residence
[Credentials and proposals]
Fourth Candidate
Name: sumit surana
Department: Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering
Hall: Patel Hall of residence
[Credentials and proposals]