Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prof. Damodar Acharya rejoins as Director

After two months of confusion and uncertainty Prof. Damodar Acharya rejoined the institute after BoG IIT Kharagpur authorized him for the same on 18th may. He was also cleared from all the charges alleged against him regarding repeated negligence of the pathetic condition of medical facilities in the campus. He had resigned after students' protests after death of Rohit Kumar, a third year electrical engineering student due to so called medical negligence. His resignation was not accepted though and he was given an indefinite leave.

It is notable that institute's explanation to the Centre alleges section of faculties and outside elements for stoking students' sentiments after march 22 incident. An inquiry committee comprising Justice(retd) Malay Basu, retired judge of Kolkata high court and Subir choudhary, former IIMC director and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur has been formed to investigate the whole incident. Amidst of all this another committee comprising of Doctors Bibhulkalyani Das and Sitesh Dasgupta cleared all charges of negligence against the B.C.Roy Technology hospital and IIT administration. Their conclusion was that Rohit had died of head injuries he incurred after falling from rickshaw. The committee however stressed on the need for advanced medical facilities, better ambulance services and a 24*7 pharmacy in the campus. The committee also suggested stress management programs and frequent health camps for the welfare of students.

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