Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Dog, New Tricks

Some things never seem to change. The medical facilities on our hallowed campus proves this adage right. This morning, Balram Meena, a student of Nehru sustained a severe head injury while playing hockey. Because of his heavy bleeding, students immediately called an ambulance from the B.C.Roy Hospital. It is worth noting here, that the hospital has recently came into the possession of four new "ultra-modern" ambulances, which can be seen nowadays, zooming along the campus.

After a delay in the arrival of the ambulance, students went to B.C. Roy themselves. Upon further investigation, two ambulances were seen outside B.C.Roy, minus their drivers. Two others had been called elsewhere in the line of duty.

15 agonising minutes later, no ambulance. Meena's friends got worried and decided to take matters into their own hands. They took him onto a rickshaw, and were on their way when the much-vaunted ambulance finally arrived. Balram finally needed six stitches to his head, and is currently waiting to get an MRI done at Spandan.

This incident may have ended without serious consequences, but it serves as yet another example of how little separates us from catastrophe here at Kharagpur. Perhaps it would be best if everyone simply worked on the assumption that they will NOT be privy to even mediocre healthcare, and act accordingly.

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