Thursday, March 26, 2009

Against Friday's (27th) protest

The Chairman of the Board of Governors Of IIT Kharagpur, Mr. Mutthuraman is visiting the campus tomorrow (8am 27th march 09). His visit is concerned with various issues related to administration and student welfare, the future strategies of the Institute. He has also shown interest in meeting the students himself.

Ever since the news of his visit has come, there have been talks of protest in front of him. This is a  very crucial time when we must think and plan properly before taking any step.  We are already aware of the fate of mass meetings and open house in the recent past and a big crowd can be good for the show of unity but can not be strategically decisive. Now the time has come to look forward to convert our united protest into a productive movement. A mass protest may not be appropriate at the moment as it may dilute the main cause and may also further tarnish our image. Then, there is every reason to give our representatives a chance to deal with the issues diplomatically. They are able people who have been selected by us. 

Apart from that Mr. Mutthuraman is not a part of the administration. He is an honorable guest visiting our campus. It won't be very kind of us to welcome him with a protest.

To conclude it would be better from our prospective to plan and look forward for some concrete decisions to come out from his crucial visit. It should be made sure that our demands are properly put forward by our representatives in front of him without creating any unnecessary chaos.  

Junta please put your views........


  1. we just had a meeting in the evening in jnan ghos and a lot of people were there .... we need to just show mutthuraman the feelings of the students
    the best thing would be just a silent protest tomorrow ... we will just sit there ..

    our representatives will talk to them in the 11 ' o clock meeting..

    This protest is just to show our feelings and not like force anyone to do anything , that will hopefully be dine by around 50 student rep present in the meeting.

    Hope u understand !!

  2. yes jaadu...we do support you..... and completely understand the scenario,..., just we must ensure that there must not be any aggressive statements made or actions committed!! Thats a request from all to all!!