Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting of super-final years

We had a meeting of Super-Final years at 5 Pm on Monday (23rd March) at Jnan Ghosh stadium to review the aftermath of our protest and the following points were drawn out:

• A follow-up committee will be setup, consisting of a student from each hall, to assure the timely & efficient implementation of the proposed solutions & proposals. Currently it is proposed that the student be a 4th yr dual degree student because he/she has the experience as well as he/she will stay here for the next year too.

• This committee will ensure that all the students must be updated with the proceedings on a periodic basis (weekly/fortnightly). This may be done through an open house where the committee will address the students or alternatively students might be addressed in their respective halls (exact way would be decided soon)

• Initially this committee will only look after the improvements regarding Hospital & health care facilities, but it would later evolve to take on other student related issues also and would assist the administration in the developments (on line of the place-coms etc.)

• One of the immediate concerns that were addressed in this meeting was the timely (monetary) assistance to the Family of Gaurav Tomar (who is being currently treated at Apollo Hospital, Delhi). The institute brotherhood fund would be used for the purpose (although to have money instantly, it is decided that a sum of Rs.100 per student would be deducted from each student's mess fee for the same)

• It was also discussed that the 4th yrs & 5th yrs of all the hall will have meetings with their juniors (1st, 2nd & 3rd yrs) to make them aware of the situation and make them understand that many things were completely uncalled for during the protest, and that they should not be repeated

• RTI tool could be possibly used to get the necessary information. It was also discussed to involve the Alumni and efforts were being made to contact alumnus through Alumni cell and individually

These points were discussed again with the HPs, VP & UG representative. More such meetings are supposed to be held sooner and we will keep updating you as soon as possible. Keep visiting this blog.


  1. Guys, unfortunately lots of such committees end up solving nothing but this is a great start and WILL be fruitful if there is a watchdog. IF there is a system of formal observation of whether things are moving or not. There should be fortnightly review of what has been done. Lot of energy has to go in. It will not be an easy task. IT asks of a lot of harwork. Facilities, hardware etc. definitely has to be upgraded but what has to be upgraded even more is the attitude of the hospital workers and the administration. They have to be taught how to be pro-active in solving problems.

    Just be very very focused on this one case.

  2. @ Swapnil... Your apprehension is right, but history shows that whenever students get involved things do improve (as we can site example of the Placement Committee, where the students themselves contact the companies and arrange PPTs etc.). Definitely the onus is upon us to select able & devoted students so that fruitful results come out & the developments can be expedited.