Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What went wrong...

A lot happened which could have been avoided yesterday.... there's no point crying over spilt milk, but let us at least take a long hard look at
everything we missed... which could have alleviated some of the pain we now associate with Black Sunday. These are not meant to be nitpicking criticism, but rather an honest assessment of what could have been done....and more importantly, what we must do now.

1. The first, and we think, the most vital aspect of this whole affair which has been largely overlooked, is the question of Rohit's body and the convenience of his family. While people were getting carried away by their outrage and anger, (which was no doubt, valid and justified) some people should have diverted their energies towards ensuring that Rohit's kith and kin faced no difficulty of any sort.... unfortunately, our actions in this regard left a lot to be desired....

2. Like the first Open House, this one too ended in chaos and confusion. Random groups of people started to charge to the stage and held forth on whatever they felt like spewing. This ended the meeting prematurely and not many concrete conclusions could be reached...that is, if you discount the spate of resignations....which are ultimately not a part of the solution and served merely to assuage the rage of the mob. This Open House, which could have been a giant step towards real reform...shall go down as yet another golden opportunity missed.

3. There have been random calls for boycotting classes and so forth... but we think that this is pointless, and in the long term severely detrimental to our own interests. If the academic calendar is interrupted, the very fabric of our existence shall be distorted... and life on campus could perhaps never be the same again.


  1. In dark and in light, the basic activities should go on. Let us never be disruptive. Let us be constructive and focused. Interrupting classes is not going to solve any purpose. However, very very extremely strong watchdog exercise has to be done. I repeat, very very strong watchdog exercise! Do not forget it! But do not interrupt what is going on in good state. Prayers for the soul!

  2. resignations are not solutions at all, even i agree to it, but it is just another way of punishing those top level people, n ensurin our fate by givin oppurtunity for some other potential professor or candidate to come to the post and help the students and listen to their problems, setting apart just helding DISCOs(DISciplinary COmmittee).

  3. even i agree, classes shud run on, they r nt really a soltions at all,