Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Institute Report to HRD Ministry: Passing the Buck ? ?

This morning's Telegraph has some troubling news about the institute's official report to the HRD ministry. The first, and the most unsettling development is that the institute has clearly refused to accept responsibility for Rohit's death. The article says,
"Rohit died because of delays in providing medical assistance, not because of any negligence by the administration as alleged by students, the IIT’s report to the human resource development ministry suggests."
This is the same old story all over again.... last year, too, the institute was quick to acquire the signature of deceased student Anshu Gupta's parents on the documents which effectively relieved them from any responsibility. And by the way, doesn't the institute stand to be responsible for "delays in providing medical assistance" ? B.C.Roy is the Institute's hospital, after all!
The second troubling aspect is the possibility of Dr. Damodar Acharya's possible return as the Director of the institute.

" “It does not mention forcible resignation, but the language of the report suggests that the director’s resignation was forced, not voluntary,” an official said. "

The article states that the Ministry has yet to accept Acharya's resignation... and also that Arjun Singh has to approve before anything is finalised. But what we feel is the most insidious thing about this is the following line:
"Some officials here are considering asking him to return to the post once tempers on the campus cool down...."
Not only does this report refuse to apportion blame to anyone.... it even explores the possibility of the former director's return!

STUDENT'S REACTION: As news of this report has filtered down to the students since the morning, they are naturally, in a state of agitation and outrage. The DC Mainchat has been more murderous than usual, and senior students are feeling cheated. This is natural.... expected even, but we urge the students to remain calm, and not do anything immature, or violent.


  1. This is simply unacceptable by one and all. we, students feel cheated. some thing need to b done.. we cant sit idle and wait for this crap to be published day after another...

    if the institute was to decide then why the hell was inquiry committee formed ???

  2. we won't do anything immature/violent (we haven't done yet), but we'll do whatever will be possible to get justice. We don't want to make the case of "Rohit" as just another one.

  3. @ Radical Brains...
    We may debate on the point whether we have done anything immature or not. But, one thing is sure that we should not succumb to violent/immature behavior. The energy that has been generated by this incidence should be positively used. Justice would be done only when we assure that another "Rohit" doesn't have to suffer similar fate.

  4. I think one of the student representatives,who can contact the DD,should ask him whether this news is true or not.I,for one,have never believed the Telegraph + this report is too shocking to believe.

  5. Please understand that if the MHRD even has a hint that faculty members are unable to run this place, they will be more than eager to send a bureaucrat from Delhi to do the same. That will be "Step 1" towards loss of autonomy and IIT-KGP (and IITs in general) being like yet another "sarkari" college. Even though our loss is tragic, and we are shocked and angered, we must give room to the faculty members to do what is in the best interest of this institute in the long term. I am personally convinced that, these interests are best served by keeping the MHRD out of the picture.

    Dipankar Das
    2003, CSE, Nehru

  6. PROTEST AGAIN !!...RALLIES AND PROCESSIONS !!...ok no damage to public property ....but protest on the roads with banners and everything!!...let this not fade away !!...WE CANNOT LET THE DEVILS WIN !!

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  8. I dont think violence is the choice IITs are respected colleges and are different due to the same.

    But this report should be made public if IIT says the article has misquoted them, or when BOG chairman comes he must be requested for a openhouse session so that he can get a first hand account from the students and can decide on authenticity of report from his own intelligence