Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fate of Elections and GC unknown

The sad demise of one of us, Mr. Rohit Kumar, due to negligence and the after effects of this unfortunate incident have put the fate of Elections and General Championships into oblivion... at this time when unity of the student community is the utmost essentiality, any indulgence into the so called poltu between halls for the elections is out of question... there is a buzz that all HPs have decided to cancel the elections due to the same reason and that the candidates will be nominated by the mutual consent of all the halls. Similarly the fate of the GCs is unknown... the news is yet to be confirmed and probably by the evening we will get an official confirmation about this...


  1. bhaiya... wahan koi masti karne nahin gaya tha, may be some over-excited junta must had over reacted at the diro's quarters, but nobody was doin masti, even if they din know the guy who had passed away, that was immaterial, wats important is some of our younger brothers passed away due to negligence.. u don hav any right to insult the sudden outburst of emotions of some certain people as MASTI.......everybody participated for the common cause. somebody silently somebody aggressively. juna is a mixture of various kinds of people, watever happened was inevitable, watever happened n to wat extent happened was destined to happen, although it was out of limits or beyond limits....but plis lemme request u that nobody was doin masti.

  2. dear Rishi,
    I don't quite get what you mean to say. How can you be so callous in your attitude to justify the vandalism that happened on that day. Did you even witness the event? Most of the junta indulged in acts of vandalism not out of sentiments or emotions but out of sheer personal frustration and grudges they had towards the institute. I had seen people going into the diro's home and breaking TV, computer and household items. On being asked to stop, one of them replied that he was simply taking revenge for the 2000 bucks he was fined by the DC. There were people smoking and taking photographs on the diro's partially damaged sofa.You know Rishi, the mob mentality is such that it always acts on impulse. It can never have one unified agenda. People constituting a mob are like parrots without engaging in logical and rational thinking. Some people repeating such acts just for the sake of it, for personal gratification or for the fun of it(as in this case would be venturing into a territory as forbidden as the diro's bungalow and cursing him and more sadly, making fun of his wife!). Now I do feel that Rohit's life has become nothing but a joke.

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  4. What d hell is this?? I was myself always there!! There was no one making fun of diro's wife!! I must tell you, the excited mob(so-called) always reflected that they were all iitians. Had this been some other mob, I don't know what would have happened!! Respect was always there for Prof. Damodar Acharya, though the anger was against the Director. There were no personal grievances. Mob was against the Director the post, not Director the person.

    I accept whatever happened can never be logistically defined. But at some corner of my heart I feel, all the events were justified.

    Anyways, why making hue and cries over all this.

    For everyone, Rohit was a senior, a junior, a student, a co-hostelite, a classmate, a batchmate whatever, but he was a friend of mine. I would never like his name to be used in such a way. Janta please stop talking about him. Let him rest in peace. Let him be content at his heavenly abode. [:(]