Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yet another negligence(UPDATED)

"Gaurav Tomar is out of danger now. Both the renal and the kidney failures were declared temporary. He will be taken out of ICU in 2 days and discharged in about 10 days."

As we lament the tragic death of Rohit Kumar..... let us not forget that another one among us, is seriously ill and is in need of our help and prayers. Gaurav Tomar, 5th year student of the Civil Engineering department was admitted into the hospital two days before Holi, after complaining of a fever. After 6 days at B.C. Roy Hospital, where he was variously diagnosed with illnesses ranging from typhoid to urinary infection..... he was moved, by his friends, to Apollo Hospital in Delhi where he is currently undergoing treatment for malignant malaria. He is currently on dialysis and in the ICU. This is yet another shocking example of the negligence rampant at the B.C. Roy Hospital. It was the timely intervention of Gaurav's family and friends which has given him even this chance. Here on campus, there has been an initiatove by the students to provide funds for his ongoing treatment, making use of the Student Brotherhood Fund. It goes without saying that we should all sign the petition which is being sent to the halls, which will be used for the same. All of us hope and pray for Gaurav to get well soon.

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