Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's True & What's Not ? (updated)

We add yet another rumor to our past post What's True & What's Not (scroll down below to read) which has been quickly spreading in the campus:

Written apology by HPs: NO apology has been given to the Director by HPs in regards to the student actions during the protest. As quoted by one of the HPs-"We are facing the anguish from students of some halls regarding the apology issue. I don't know how but few people are spreading the wrong news in the student community. We haven't apolgised to the Director."


  1. Although no apology has been given by the hal representative, but I think there is nothing wrong in apologizing for some of the unruly incident that took place during the protests (even more so considering the age of the sufferers as well as the sanctity of the post they hold).
    Humlogon ko bachpan se sikhaya jata hai ki maafi mang lene se koi chhota nahi ho jaya hai, lets show it once.

  2. is baat se hum bhi agree karte hain. Diro, uski family aur Registrar se maafi jarur maangna chaahiye. Lekin DOSA aur DD se maafi maangne ka koi sense nahi banta hai, bhale hi wo humse bahut jyada aged hain.

    DD hi BCR Hospital ka Chairman hota hai, ye baat usne ek baar bhi nahi kaha. Jabki sabse pahle usko resign karna chaahiye tha. Jo insaan ek hospital ko nahi sambhal sakta hai wo poore campus ko khaak sambhalega?

    Aur DOSA ke baare mein kuchh bolne ki jarurat hi nahi hai.

  3. I also do feel a requirement of an apology from the students fraternity for the inconvenience caused to Mr. Acharya and his family. Our issues clashed with Director of the institute not with Mr. Acharya as a person.

  4. I think apologizing for to the director is a good idea, after all no one planned to ransack his residence and it is only appropiate that we apologize.
    Maafi maang lene se hum chote toh nahi honge par atleast administration ko yeh dikh jayega ki student community mindless violence mein vishvas nahi rakhti hai aur sunday ko jo bhi hua yahan ki wretched medical facility ke genuine concern se hua.

  5. Yes..we should apologize.........few may raise the question that this may let off some pressure of the authorities but i think everyone wants a change......so apologizing wouldn't mean we are letting off our steam in any way

  6. my dear friends.....
    we can't apologize..to consolidate it i have various reasons....
    if we apologize then the message will spread that we are a bunch of mindless freaks and irresponsible students...whatever we did was just an emotional reaction..
    and the most important, if we apologize, is that we accept that whatever we did was wrong...we will be convicted

  7. The mark of protest was a right response in the wake of the unprecedented negligence shown by B.C. Roy hospital authorities over the past years culminating with the Sunday incidence. However, under no circumstances can the degree of violence and disrespect shown to Dr. Acharya be justified. It would be in our interest to apologize him for the slangs and violence though we still stand firm on the protest we showed....

  8. As regards apologizing, I think the students should apologize for the unruly behavior i.e. vandalizing Government Property, slang, etc which had been uttered. Also, I feel that the pomp and show which had taken over the feeling of remorse for loved one at the Director's bungalow in the after hours were totally a mistake. I feel we should not forget our cause and work till proper results are achieved. Moreover, we should always remember that we're taught right from childhood to respect our teachers and elders, and thus I feel we should apologize for our unruly actions.